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The Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW provides the syllabuses relevant to the teaching and learning of the Science Curriculum in NSW schools.

Stage 4 & 5 Science

Science K–10 :: Science K–10 (incorporating Science and Technology K–6)

Stage 6 Science

HSC Syllabuses - Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW

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Stage 4 & 5 Science Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

Students will develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • the history of science
  • the nature and practice of science
  • applications and uses of science
  • implications of science for society and the environment
  • current issues, research and development
  • models, theories and laws, and structures and systems related to the physical world, matter, the living world, and Earth and space
  • interactions within the physical world, matter, the living world and Earth and space.
  • Skills

Students will develop skills in working scientifically through:

  • planning investigations
  • conducting investigations
  • communicating information and understanding
  • developing scientific thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • working individually and in teams.

Values and Attitudes

Students will develop positive values and attitudes towards themselves, others, learning as a lifelong process, science and the environment.

Stage 4 & 5 Science Program

The content of the Stage 4 & 5 Science Syllabus is presented through many varied contexts to engage students in seeing the relationship between science and their everyday lives.

The program is deliberately written to offer teachers flexibility to choose the activities that best suit their students and respond to the diversity of students’ learning needs.

Programs are modified to differentiate the curriculum to respond the variety of learning needs of students. The program is constructed in a tiered format to allow for mixed ability classes.

The St. Clare’s High School, Taree, Learning Support Unit (SCILHUB) affords further support to teachers and students with in-class support, program differentiation, resource development and assessment support.

Stage 4 Science

Science in Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) provides an introduction to general scientific concepts programmed around the areas of Earth and Space, and The Physical World, The Chemical World, and The Biological World as per the new Australian Curriculum. Students are given access to ideas, taught new skills, and encouraged to explore their world through the eyes of a scientist in the hope they will broaden their understanding and develop the critical thinking skills needed in the higher years.

Unit Sequences

Year 7 Year 8
1: Being a Scientist
2: Solids, Liquids & Gases
3: Mixtures & Separations
4: Cells
5: Heat, Light & Sound
6: Classification
7: Forces
8: Earth & Space
9: Our Planet Earth
1: Science Skills
2: Atoms
3: Microbes
4: Body Systems
5: Electricity
6: Ecology
7: Plant Systems
8: Astronomy
9: Team Research Project

Stage 5 Science

Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) build upon the concepts introduced in Stage 4, refine their skills, and delve deeper into the nuances of Science – looking at the larger ideas, the topical and occasionally controversial issues that impact the scientific community, whilst gaining a greater understanding of the interconnectedness and intricacies of higher level concepts in preparation for senior high school.

Unit Sequences

Year 9 Year 10
1: The Periodic Table
2: Chemical Reactions
3: Origin of the Universe
4: Light
5: Earth’s Fragile Crust
6: Reproduction
7: Energy in Ecosystems
8: Sense & Control
9: Simple Machine Technology
1: Chemical Reactions
2: Materials
3: Electricity & Communications Technology
4: Genetics
5: Motion
6: Health & Disease
7: Evolution
8: Global Issues
9: Individual Research Project

Stage 4 & 5 Science Resources

As the subject is dynamic both by nature and by curriculum expectation, resources constantly need to be reviewed and updated. St Clare’s High School, Taree is equipped with four Science Laboratories.

The Stage 4 & 5 Science Teaching and Learning Program is supported with the use of the Science Focus Textbooks. These textbooks correspond to the Year level as follows:

  • Science Focus 1 - Year 7
  • Science Focus 2 - Year 8
  • Science Focus 3 - Year 9
  • Science Focus 4 - Year 10

These textbooks are used in class and made available to the students in printed and electronic media.

Students also have access to the linked online Science Focus publication using

Student access is provided with a username and password

Curriculum Stage 6

5 Reasons to Study Science:

  • You care about the future
  • You are curious
  • You want to save lives
  • You want to make a difference
  • You want an international experience