Theatresports Competition Image

Theatresports Competition

Last Thursday St Clare’s competed in the Diocesan Theatresports Competition to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  This would involve us competing against a number of schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese as St Clare’s entered two Year 11 teams and one Year 9 team into the contest.  Both groups had significant success at the event with the school being named Champion School for 2019.  The day involved students using their improvisational skills to develop short performances with no preparation.

The Year 11 teams placed second, receiving some excellent scores on the day.  The physicality and character skills they displayed made them an audience favourite with huge rounds of applause even before they took the stage.  They competed against eight other teams and remained consistent with their scores after scenes involving a hunchback, resurrection of Elvis and Blackbeard sailing to new destinations with his crew.  Year 11 was represented by Clare Chapman, Luke Earley, Sophie Johnston, Oscar Norman, Dahli Reid, Sofia Reis, Josh Tiedeman, Mitchell Walet, Jessica Yi and Ryan Young.

The Year 9 team started strong with a perfect score of 5 in each category.  Their opening scene about creative ways to get flour for a bakery set them on a winning run that lead them to first place.  After only studying Drama for six weeks, they performed with the flair and creativity of a senior team and had the enthusiasm to back it up, even rehearsing in the carpark after the event.  Year 9 was represented by Ella Farland, Conner Langley, Scarlett McCarthy and Ryan Stewart.