Year 9 Snowy Excursion Image

Year 9 Snowy Excursion

YEAR 9 SNOWY EXCURSION: It is 9 am, Sunday morning, and 99 students and willing supporting teachers, embark on what would prove to be a truly memorable and exciting experience, for all concerned. First stop Canberra, and as before we visited Questacom, the War Memorial, Parliament House, as well as other noteworthy attractions, and it was pleasing to note the updates and improvements made since my last visit four years ago.

Then to Cooma, to prepare for the three days of skiing ahead of us, and it will always remain a mystery to me how Mr Carney can ensure that all of those boots, skis, helmets, and ski poles remain with their owners, for the duration. This is, of course, is of great credit to his meticulous planning and organisational skills.

At the snow, all kitted out and ready to go, the daily compulsory lesson was duly completed, and depending upon their measured competency, skiing commenced. I must say, it was pleasing to note that the level of participation was commendable with virtually all enjoying a day on the slopes.

The second and third day dawned and as expected, great fun was had by all.

Then, in the blink of an eye, we were tidying our cabins ready to board the busses for the long trek back to the Manning Valley where, I guess, many a tall tale was told to the throng of waiting parents.

These big ventures are not possible without the sacrifices made by the teachers who accompanied the students, and therefore my heartfelt thanks go out to Mr Gonfond (Aka Laurent), Miss Pearse, Mr Holland, Mr Donovan, Mr Collier, Mrs Dunn, Ms Hewitt, Mrs O’Donnell, Miss Rowsell, and last but not least, Mr Carney, who’s dedication, and commitment to this excursion, is truly exemplary.

John Chapman, Year 9 Student Coordinator