Year 9 Canberra - Snowy Mountains Excursion 2017 Image

Year 9 Canberra - Snowy Mountains Excursion 2017

YEAR 9 CANBERRA – SNOWY MOUNTAINS EXCURSION 2017: Sunday, 30 July was an unusually hot day for a trip to Canberra and the Snow but that is what greeted the 90-strong contingent of staff and students who embarked on the six-day excursion to Canberra. After a long drive, the students were taken to Questacon- the national Science and Technology Centre, for a night of hands-on practical science.

Monday saw the temperature equate more with that expected of snowy regions with a top of eight degrees and rain. On this day, we undertook an embassy tour, visit to the Museum of Democracy, visit to Parliament House and finished our day with a respectful few hours touring The Australian War Memorial.

Late Monday we went to Cooma to be fitted for our ski equipment followed by dinner and an early night.

The next three days we experienced blue-bird days of lessons and skiing with most enjoying and conquering the challenge.

The week away from home created the opportunity for students to grow in independence, grow in maturity and grow in resilience. This week took many students far outside of their comfort zone and most rose to the challenge that this posed.  There were challenges academically with learning about the two World Wars particularly, but also learning about our systems of government and democracy.  There were physical challenges learning an unfamiliar sport in an unfamiliar climate, and there were social challenges learning to live with others from divergent backgrounds.

I would like to particularly thank Mr Bielby as Year 9 Student Coordinator and the other teachers who assisted in running the trip - Mrs Grant, Mrs Rowsell, Mrs Dunn, Mrs Gale, Mr Hanlon, Mr Donovan and Mr Howard. Phill Carney- Excursion Coordinator