Top End 2016 - Third Instalment (Gunlom Falls to Douglas Hot Springs) Image

Top End 2016 - Third Instalment (Gunlom Falls to Douglas Hot Springs)

Hello again everyone. Here is the third instalment from our 2016 trip to the sunny Top End.  In this instalment, we leave Gunlom Falls and head out on our second three day walk.  This time to the remote and spectacular Dinner Creek.  A gorge in the Southern region of Kakadu National Park, where they allow only one group per month to visit.  To get there, we pack up early and drive for about 40 minutes along a rough red dirt track.  On arrival, we don our packs again and follow an old mining road for around 7km. We then head up the gorge, stopping to enjoy the sites along the way. Over the next two days we explore the upper reaches of Dinner Creek. Here there is rock art and the most amazing swimming holes and to top it off we have the whole place to ourselves. As always, I have included a number of photographs for your pleasure. However, I must say that they never do this place justice; it really does need to be seen to be believed.

Walking out of Dinner Creek on the Friday morning, we encountered a number of wild buffalo; one in particular was very “inquisitive”. We gave him a VERY wide berth and opted to beat a hasty retreat.  We made it back to the cars at around 11 am and wasted no time in heading for Moline Rockhole, a Scotch Burger at Hayes Creek and our camp for the night at Douglas Hot Springs.

Stay tuned for next week’s fourth and final Instalment. Here we wrestle a crocodile, eat Barramundi and visit the largest wartime airfield in the territory.  Stay safe.

 Bernie Holland, Dukes Coordinator