Nirian Boelling-McDougall Encore Nomination Image

Nirian Boelling-McDougall Encore Nomination

Congratulations Nirian Boelling-McDougall for being nominated for Encore for his HSC Music performance.  Encore is held on Monday, 19 February 2018 at the Opera House and is a showcase of the very best HSC performances.  Nirian performed the following four pieces in his program on the trumpet and Vibraphone:  “Conformation” by Charlie Parker/ “BIRK works” by Dizzy Gillisby/ “Autumn Leaves” a Jazz Ballard/ “Watermelon Man” a fusion by Herbie Hancock.

Well done Nirian for your nomination and also well done Mr Wayne McDougall and the HSC music class of Thomas Lee, Amanda Jones and Johnathon Black for supporting Nirian.