A Week in the Lands of the Ancient Ones - Kakadu 2017 Image

A Week in the Lands of the Ancient Ones - Kakadu 2017

A Week in the lands of the Ancient Ones

St Clare’s High School Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Trek to Kakadu National Park 2017


          As part of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, participants are required to undertake adventurous journeys. At the lower levels of the scheme these journeys are short and supervised, whilst at the higher levels of the scheme the length, the intrepidness, and the self-reliance of the journeys is extended. At St Clare’s we focus of wilderness experiences for these treks and the trek to Kakadu is one of these.

Although we did not trek every day of the trip, each day, we walked in excess of 18km. On the trek days, this involved carrying your own pack which typically weighed 15-20 kg

 In the rest of the document I will share with you some of the magnificent scenery of the region and some of the experiences we had.

I have seen participants of The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme build strength in themselves and a better level of resilience and perseverance as well as develop in their chosen skill.

The scheme at St Clare’s is run by Mr Bernie Holland and supported by others such as Mrs McCann, Mr Chalmers, Mrs O’Donnell, Mr Little, Ex teacher Miss Rowsell and ex-student Miss Carney and myself. We ALL recognise that we would struggle without the enormous skills and work of Mr Holland

Thank you Bernie for your gift to us all.  Phill Carney