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Year 11 PDHPE Camp 2016 Image

Year 11 PDHPE Camp 2016

YEAR 11 PDHPE CAMP 2016: The largest (45 students) PDHPE group ever in the history of the camp embarked on Cundle Flat Farm on Wednesday the 12th through to Friday the 14th October…

Year 9 Snowy Excursion Image

Year 9 Snowy Excursion

YEAR 9 SNOWY EXCURSION: It is 9 am, Sunday morning, and 99 students and willing supporting teachers, embark on what would prove to be a truly memorable and exciting experience, for…

NSW State Futsal Championships Image

NSW State Futsal Championships

On Monday 8 August, Tuesday 10 August and Friday 12 August, three teams from St Clare's, U14 and 16 Boys team and U16 Girls team, travelled to Port Macquarie to participate in the …

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