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Theatresports Competition

Last Thursday St Clare’s competed in the Diocesan Theatresports Competition to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  This would involve us competing against a number of schools in the …

Shape Exhibition Image

Shape Exhibition

Matthew Parvin had his Industrial Technology (furniture and timber products) HSC major project nominated and selected for exhibition in Shape at The Powerhouse Museum

HSC Results Image

HSC Results

Principal’s Comment:   “Congratulations to our HSC class of 2018 on their excellent results which are a fitting reflection of their efforts and dedication to their studies.  I pa…

OnSTAGE Selection Image

OnSTAGE Selection

Congratulations to Kyle Chapman, Finn Fagerstrom, Zac Reid and Samuel Richardson who have just received notification that they been selected for OnSTAGE.  One must first receive a …

Japanese Exchange Program Image

Japanese Exchange Program

Japanese Exchange Hisashiburi! (Long time no see!)  What a momentous way to begin Term 3!  After so many lunchtime meetings, host family recruitment drives, emergency lunchtime me…

Year 9 Canberra/Snowy Excursion Image

Year 9 Canberra/Snowy Excursion

Year 9 Snow Diary Sunday – Questacon It was an unusual sight Sunday morning, with 80 teenagers willingly walking in the school gates; there was energy and excitement as students …

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