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Parents & Friends Association

The Association is the official parent organisation of the school and its main aims are:

  1. to promote true education by bringing parents, friends and staff together.
  2. to foster communication between parents and school personnel.
  3. to represent the parents publicly on issues related to Catholic Education.
  4. to assist with the purchase of resources for the school.
  5. to provide a social forum for the parents of the school.


The P and F Association meetings are held twice a term.

Dates for the meetings are listed in the weekly newsletter and also listed below.







Meetings held in week 3 of each term are held at 6 pm in the school library.  The second meeting of each term is held at a Catholic Primary school whose students attend Clare’s in year 7.



Parent involvement in the school is encouraged and parents are invited to attend school Masses, Sports Carnivals and other schoolactivities such as Eisteddfod and Music Festival performances.  From time to time there will be other functions such as Open Days or special performance/displays of work completed.  Parents will be notified regarding such events.

Parents are welcome to discuss matters associated with the students or school activities.  It is important to phone for an interview to ensure that the person you wish to see will be available.

Voluntary assistance is always required in the Canteen area of the school. Mums, dads, friends and grandparents - if you are able to assist for a few hours a day (or even an hour or two) it would be greatly appreciated.