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Maths Homework Policy

It is the Mathematics Faculty Policy, in line with the School Policy, that homework is given after each mathematics lesson. When a student revisits material presented in class a short time after the initial exposure to that concept educational research has shown that they significantly increase their chance of both understanding that concept and committing it to their long term memory.  If a student is struggling with either the understanding of, or the “time management” necessary, to complete set homework then they are advised to either discuss this with their teacher or attend the weekly Mathematics Workshop to get support. Should a student be unable to complete set homework, for some unavoidable reason, it is expected that they will be provided with a written note explaining this reason. It is suggested that this note be written into their workbook thus avoiding the likelihood of the note being lost.

The following gives an indication of the time a student should be allocation to complete set homework :

  • Year 7/8          20 mins.
  • Year 9/10        30 mins.
  • Year 11/12      40-60 mins.

Should a student be unable, for some reason, to complete all the set homework in this time indicated above then they should present to their teacher a written note explaining the reason. Otherwise their teacher may instruct them to attend either the Mathematics Workshop or the Homework Support Centre so their uncompleted homework can be completed.